What is Brainology for?

The Brainology® program teaches the growth mindset - the view of intelligence as malleable. Students come to see effort as a positive quality needed for anyone to achieve his or her full potential. They come to understand how to approach studying and learning in ways that make their brains smarter. They learn how to approach success and learn from failure.

How do I get started with Brainology?

1. Purchase the number of student licenses needed, and we will send you instructions to set up the students' accounts. If the purchase was made via PO, check, or order form, orders are typically processed in 2-3 business days of our receipt of the order. Purchasing options can be reviewed on the Purchasing page.

2. Create a class for your students in My Account --> My Students.  Click "Add a New Class" and then enter a class name.

3. Click "Add Students" and follow the instructions to register your students. You can either use Option 1: Student Self-Enrollment, or Option 2: Teacher Created Pre-Made Accounts. Follow the instructions on the page to complete. 

How is Brainology implemented?

Implementation time and schedule are flexible, but we recommend spacing the online lessons at least one week apart and scheduling 45-60 minutes of additional class activities between each online lesson. Therefore, the recommended classroom time to allow for your Brainology implementation is 2-4 hours per week for 5-16 weeks. The total time for the program will be between 15-20 hours. You can view a sample 10 week implementation schedule and a blank planning calendar in our Sample Implementation and Curriculum Guide.

How do I set up a class?

I'm going to be teaching Brainology. Now what?

How is MindsetMaker™ implemented?

MindsetMaker™ online components take a total of 6 to 10 hours total (depending on level of engagement). It can be done in short (20-30 min.) sessions or in longer sessions, and it can be done by individual teachers or by teams of teachers looking to align on everyday teaching & learning practices that foster a growth mindset. It’s recommended not to try to do it all in one day. Ideally, you’d do a unit a week and put what you learn into practice in-between.

How much does MindsetMaker™ cost?

The cost is $60 per educator or $1500 for a one academic year full site license. A site license provides access for all educators at one school site for one academic year. 

How do I purchase MindsetMaker™?

At this time, MindsetMaker can be purchased through Purchase Order or by connecting with a member of our sales team to pay by credt card. Visit the MindsetMaker page to view options for single licenses or a site license. If you have additional questions, see Purchasing

If I'm a parent purchasing Brainology®, should I also purchase MindsetMaker™?

It is not necessary for you to purchase MindsetMaker™ in order to implement Brainology®. If you'd like a deeper understanding of the growth mindset that is geared toward educators, feel free to purchase it, but it is not required. 

How is MindsetMaker™ accessed?

Everything is accessed online! So you can view the professional development multimedia courses, use the interactive tools and resources, or socialize on the discussion boards at your leisure – all you need is a computer and internet access!

Can I print a completion certificate to get Professional Development hours?

Yes! MindsetMaker™ will take approximately six hours to complete, and you can print your own certificate to turn in to your PD office to earn inservice points. When you finish, go to the bottom of module 4, and click on "Print Certificate." You will be issued a certificate with your name and the date. You can save it to your computer or print it out. View the video below for more details on how to print the certificate. 

How much does the SchoolKit cost?

The cost of the SchoolKit for one academic year is $6,000. The SchoolKit is $3,000 per academic year for subsequent years. Contact us to get a quote for volume pricing.

What's the difference between MindsetMaker™ and the SchoolKit?

MindsetMaker™ is a suite of resources designed to provide educators with the growth mindset knowledge and tools to help them support their students’ learning and success. Our SchoolKit is a discounted site license that contains both MindsetMaker™ resources and our award-winning student curriculum, Brainology, to help cultivate a growth mindset school culture.

Can I buy a SchoolKit for my class?

Yes. The SchoolKit is a combination of MindsetMaker™ online professional development and Brainology®, the student program. You can purchase student and educator access on a per license basis, or you can purchase a SchoolKit for an entire school. See our Programs pages for more details. 

Is there a recommended browser for your programs?

You can use any browser or operating system for Brainology. If you are using Brainology en Español, the recommended browser is FireFox. 

Brainology won't load. What am I doing wrong?

If you are having problems with Brainology en Español, it's likely that Flash is not enabled in your browser. Brainology en Español uses Adobe Flash to run, so you either need to install it or update it. Learn more about how to install or update it on any browser from Flash Player Help

If you are using Chrome, you may have additional trouble and see a white screen at launch. If this happens, follow the instructions below, view the screenshot, or watch a short video to enable Flash in Chrome:

  1. Go to chrome://settings/content/flash.
  2. Turn on Ask First.
  3. In the Allow list, click Add, then type (exactly as written):   [*.]mindsetworks.com   
    You may also try entering [*.]net35.mindsetworks.com
Are there specific technical requirements I need to know about?

Learn more details at our Technical Requirements page. 

I'm getting an error message that Adobe Flash is not enabled. What should I do?

Do you have any material for teachers to share with parents?

Yes! We have parent resources on our School Home Connection page, including presentation tools and handouts. Parents, like teachers and peers, are critical in cultivating children’s mindsets. We aim to enable a culture in which everyone is equipped with the skills and tools to support the development of a growth mindset in children.

How do I set up a class?

I'm going to be teaching Brainology. Now what?

How do I use the Site Leader Tool for MindsetMaker?

How do I print a certificate of completion for MindsetMaker?

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