How Praise Became a Consolation
The Atlantic
December 2016
‘Helping children confront challenges requires a more nuanced understanding of the “growth mindset.”’
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The Two Mindsets and the Power of Believing That You Can Improve
Time Magazine
March 2015
‘Changing our beliefs can have a powerful impact. The growth mindset creates a powerful passion for learning.’
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Changing Mindsets, Changing Lives
Raikes Foundation
Feb. 2015
‘ seventh grade, reading scores rose by a remarkable 400 points. What caused the dramatic rise? Clemens and her staff believe it was, in large part, the result of Brainology.’
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How Companies Can Profit from a Growth Mindset
Harvard Business Review
Nov. 2014
‘…growth-mindset firms have happier employees and a more innovative, risk-taking culture.’
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New Research: Students Benefit from Learning That Intelligence ...
July 2014
´Teaching students that intelligence can grow and blossom with effort gaining traction in progressive education circles.´
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Does Teaching Kids To Get ‘Gritty’ Help Them Get Ahead?
NPR Morning Edition
March 2014
´…everyone at school has done such a mental and cultural 180.´
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Mindset Works
DOE Institute of Education Sciences SBIR Success Stories
Nov. 2014
‘Pre-post scores demonstrated significant increases in students' growth mindset...’
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In schools, self-esteem boosting is losing favor to rigor, finer-tuned ...
The Washington Post
Jan. 2012
For decades, the prevailing wisdom in education was that high self-esteem would lead to high achievement.’’
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If You’re Open to Growth, You Tend to Grow
The New York Times
July 2008
WHY do some people reach their creative potential in business while other equally talented peers don’t?’
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When DNA is Not Destiny
Nov. 2008
‘These kids became significantly more conscientious and diligent compared with kids who didn't receive this lesson.’
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How Not to Talk to your Kids
New York Magazine
Aug. 2007
´Dweck discovered that those who think that innate intelligence is the key to success begin to discount the importance of effort.´
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The Many Errors in Thinking About Mistakes
The New York Times
Nov. 2007
OF the many mistakes I have no doubt made over the last few weeks, two stand out ...
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US Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences
We’re proud to have the US Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences as one of our funding partners through their SBIR program.
Math Intervention Program for Struggling Math Students | Math 180
We've partnered with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to embed growth mindset content and tools in MATH 180 for the program to support a growth mindset and further raise math achievement.
Schools that Lead
We've supported Schools that Lead in the development and delivery of Adult and Student Agency workshops throughout the state of Delaware.
D.C. Public Education Fund | Raikes Foundation
The Raikes Foundation has been a strong supporter and funder of our work to shift school culture in Washington, D.C. Public Schools.
Character Education Partnership
We're proud to collaborate with Character Education Partnership in our joint mission to help students develop character and agency, and to support CEP's 11 principles of effective character education.
In school turnarounds we combine EdCaliber's instructional management and collaboration tool, which facilitates best practices, with our whole-school growth mindset training to enable school success.
St. John's University
We collaborate with GEAR UP St. John's to reach at-risk youth and learn what students and teachers need on the ground.
Thinking & Executing Beyond Boundaries
We collaborate with Meta-LUCID to provide talks, workshops and consulting to companies to help foster growth mindset cultures in the workplace.

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