FAQs for Parents
Can I use the Brainology program at home? 

Yes, Brainology is appropriate for home use. Please see our Brainology for Home page for more information. 

Is there a difference between “Brainology for Schools” and “Brainology for Home”?  

No. Brainology for Home is the same award-winning program that is used in schools across the country. The only difference is that the offline activities have been tailored for use in a home environment, rather than in a classroom setting. 

What is the recommended age range for Brainology?  

Brainology is appropriate for students in grades 4 - 9. 

I’m a parent, and I’m not a school-based or homeschool teacher. Do I need to purchase MindsetMaker™ in order to use Brainology? 

No, you do not need to purchase MindsetMaker™ online professional development in order to use Brainology. 

Are there learning centers or other facilities where my child can complete the program? 

Yes, but it's not necessary, as the program can be done right at home! Also, it's highly recommended for parents to do the program with their children to follow up with the growth mindset practices in the parent-child relationship. 

Could you recommend a school where I can send my child to use Brainology?

We recommend you contact the administrator of your child's school to see if they use Brainology, and if not, encourage them to do so! There are resources at School-Home Connection to help. 


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