Developing a growth mindset with your children at home is rewarding and effective with our award-winning Brainology for Home program.

How to Get Started

Brainology for Home provides families and other home users with access to the same award-winning Brainology program used in schools. To learn more and purchase, visit the Brainology for Home page.

Materials Included with Brainology for Home:

  • One Brainology student license: Each license can be used by one child over a six month period. 
  • The Brainology Parents Guide: This  is a parent-focused curriculum which includes discussion questions, parenting tips, and ideas for guiding your child toward a growth mindset. It includes step-by-step instructions about how to enroll your children into the program, as well as a full curriculum modified for home use. The curriculum includes lesson plans and handouts for home use. View the Brainology Parents Guide Sample.

Tips for Home Implementations

Space it out
When implementing Brainology at home, remember to space out the online modules by at least a week. This will give your child and family some time to work on each unit’s content and put it into practice. Brainology will address many ways for your child to improve his/her habits, thinking, and practice. It’s best to take the time to soak it in rather than to rush through and risk an incomplete understanding.

Remember the offline content
Spacing out the online content will also allow time to engage your child in the program’s offline activities. In between the online modules, choose reflections and activities from the Handouts for Home Use that you and your child can do together.

Read the Brainology Parents Guide
The Parents Guide is like a teacher tips guide for parents. Access this guide to learn how to bring a growth mindset into your home.

"Brainology was inspirational for my children. One daughter used to have test anxiety, and consequently a hatred of difficult subjects. This helped her to have a "growth mindset" to see knowledge as attainable with specific practical study techniques. I fully recommend this program. My kids do, too.”

- Darlene B, Co-op Member

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