Leaders, teachers and students become lifelong learners in a whole school culture shift. 


Students tackle challenges because they understand that learning takes a lot of effort. They don't give up when things get difficult, because they have strategies to persevere. They take risks, participate in class, and understand that mistakes are normal when people try hard things.

Brainology's blended learning approach allows time for classroom discussion, reflection, and application of mindset principles. Learn more about Brainology


Teachers reflect on fixed mindset practices they’ve used in the past and learn how to change their own mindsets. They take more risks with lessons, and collaborate with others to get feedback, learn, grow, and improve their practice.  They learn how to develop a growth mindset in their students and shift the culture of the classroom.

Collaborative features of MindsetMaker™ encourage teachers to share ideas with each other and develop strategies together. Learn more about MindsetMaker™

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