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Growth Mindset Video Gallery

Did you know that some praise can actually hinder school performance? Did you know that beliefs about where abilities come from have critical consequences on motivation and achievement?
Check out these videos about the growth mindset and how to develop it.

Videos below on:

Note: Most of the videos below are on YouTube. If your school doesn't allow YouTube, you won't be able to view these videos in school.

Fostering Growth Mindsets

Dr. Carol Dweck on how the two mindsets influence behaviour and achievement

Dr. Carol Dweck on the benefits of a Growth Mindset

Eduardo Briceño TEDx Talk on the Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset video compilation by Doug Belshaw

ABC News story on Brainology®

Fostering Growth Mindsets, from the Greater Good Science Center

Violence in School as related to the Growth Mindset

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein

How To Praise Children

How To Praise Children, from the Greater Good Science Center

Hear it from a student

Embracing Failures

Sample "Failures"

From the Greater Good Science Center

Michael Jordan (basketball player)

J.K. Rowling (writer of the Harry Potter series)


From the Greater Good Science Center

Active Inquiry

Bill Gates (business magnate and philanthropist)

Our Offerings

Overview of our Offerings

Brainology® Intro Excerpt

Student Experiences

Teacher Experiences

Mr. Brewer

ABC News story on Brainology®

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