Technical requirements for computers are minimal. The Brainology® program,  MindsetMaker™ and the rest of our website are all web-based (i.e. there's no program to be installed anywhere) and simply require a computer with an Internet connection and either headphones or speakers so that users can listen to the computer audio.  Brainology works best on Chrome or Firefox browsers.  A broadband Internet connection is preferred but the program will also work with a slow Internet connection after a few minutes of preloading. The program is accessed with any browser with the Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher (which is freely available from and already installed in 98% of computers).  The program does not use popup windows.


MindsetMaker works on all tablets with an internet connection and means to hear the audio. However, because the Brainology program uses Flash, it needs tablets to be compatible with Flash. If you would like to use Brainology on tablets not compatible with Flash, such as iPads and other iOS devices, you can sign up for a free app available through Puffin Academy. We have found that Puffin Academy* works to play Brainology when testing on an individual device. We recommend that you test compatibility with your school's network, server etc.
Alternatively, there are paid apps available such as Photon Web Browser and Puffin Web Browser that enable flash to play. They cost approximately $5 per device. You may want to check with your IT department to see if these apps are acceptable for use at your school.


Our Brainology demo uses the same technology as the program, so if the demo works on your device, Brainology will work as well.  If you'd like to sign up for a free trial so you can test it out, create a free account.

You can test your access to the MindsetMaker by watching the Intro Video on the MindsetMaker Program page.

Adobe Flash

Some browsers no longer automatically support Adobe Flash, and it might need to be enabled in your browser. To install or enable Flash, follow the instructions from Flash Player Help.

If you have any other questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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