Mindset Works® SchoolKit is a suite of resources developed to cultivate a growth mindset school culture. It contains tools for administrators, teachers, and students to learn, teach and live the growth mindset.



The SchoolKit™ provides access to Brainology® for all students and MindsetMaker™ for all educators at one school site, for one academic year, for $6,000. The SchoolKit is $3,000 per academic year for subsequent years. The two main components of the SchoolKit are:

  • Brainology for Schools site license
  • MindsetMaker site license

SchoolKit Overview

Brainology® is intended for the following:

  • 4th - 9th grade students
  • Both high and low-achieveing students
  • ESL students - the full curriculum is available en Español
  • Students in a full range of educational settings

MindsetMaker™ is intended for the following:

  • Teachers
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Administrators
  • Guidance Counselors
  • School Psychologists
  • Tutors
  • Staff
  • Educators and Staff from Pre-K to Higher Ed


Brainology® Growth Mindset Curriculum for Students

Brainology is a blended learning curriculum designed to teach students to develop a growth mindset - the understanding that intelligence and abilities are not fixed and can be developed through effort. Brainology is part interactive online program, part classroom curriculum, that teaches students how their brains – like their muscles – become stronger with effort and practice. In the online portion, with the help of animated characters, students learn about how the brain functions and learns, along with healthy habits, study techniques, self-regulation strategies, and other essential non-cognitive skills that help them to become effective learners. Then they deepen their knowledge and apply it to their own experience through classroom lessons, housed in the Brainology Implementation Guides for educators. To learn more about Brainology, visit the Brainology page.

MindsetMaker™ for Teachers

MindsetMaker is an online course that will give educators a solid foundation in growth mindset theory and practice. It includes tools and resources that teachers can use in their classrooms to develop a growth mindset classroom culture. The core training is comprised of five modules that include online assessments with feedback, videos, discussion forums, tools and activities that help staff teams and individual teachers implement mindset practice. Educators will learn about the impact of mindset on student motivation and achievement, how to recognize growth and fixed mindsets in their students, and how to increase student motivation through research-proven growth mindset practices. To learn more, visit the MindsetMaker™ page.

Implementation is flexible, and can range from 8-20 weeks depending on school preference and schedule. The breakdown of individual components is as follows:

  • The Brainology student curriculum: approximately 15-20 hours total, including classroom activities
  • MindsetMaker Online Professional Development: approximately 6-10 hours of online activities, depending on level of engagement

It is strongly recommend that administrators and site leaders spend some time planning the implementation and manage PD activities and progress, and for teachers to spend some time using the Brainology Implementation Guides to plan Brainology activities for the classroom.

If you have 250+ students and 25+ educators, the SchoolKit is the best plan for you. 

  • Access the online Brainology units and MindsetMaker modules via the Mindset Works website.
  • A Flash-compatible browser with an internet connection is required.
  • Teacher resources for Brainology are downloadable PDF files that may be accessed via our website.
  • Teacher resources for MindsetMaker are downloadable PDF files that may be accessed through our moodle learning management system.
  • For more on tech requirements of our programs, please visit our Tech Requirements page

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