The LeaderKit is a comprehensive resource for school leaders to use to foster a growth mindset across a school. When leaders model a growth mindset, it sets the stage for all members of the school community to follow.

$250/kit  +shipping


True leadership requires a growth mindset. Leading is a challenging task that requires great effort and limitless persistence. When leaders recognize that their community could benefit from developing growth mindset beliefs and practices, the LeaderKit is the ideal resource to get started. 

The LeaderKit is a selection of tools, resources, and strategies that includes ideas for working with all levels of a school: students, staff, classrooms, and parents. 

The LeaderKit can be used with all members of a school community: teachers, students, staff, and parents. 

The LeaderKit is appropriate for use at the school level by: 

  • Administrators
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Curriculum Developers
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Site Leaders

The LeaderKit is a 150 page printed book that also includes resources such as the following:

  • Video resources for school-wide use
  • PowerPoint Presentations to teach your staff about the growth mindset
  • Resources for you to cultivate your own growth mindset
  • Professional Development activities for cultivating growth mindsets in your faculty and staff
  • Materials to use with parents and students
  • Tools to use in teacher observations
Download a Sample of the LeaderKit

The LeaderKit contains tools to both introduce the concepts and develop the growth mindset work in schools. The LeaderKit could be used during Pre-Planning, during whole group faculty meetings throughout the year, or in small group PLC's. A principal can use some or all of the resources, and many can be used from year to year. A two-year implementation plan is included to help leaders map out their growth mindset culture shifts. 

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