The LeaderKit is a comprehensive resource for school leaders to use to foster a growth mindset across a school. When leaders model a growth mindset, it sets the stage for all members of the school community to follow.

Printed Book

Downloadable Resources

$250/kit  +shipping

True leadership requires a growth mindset, great effort, and limitless persistence. The LeaderKit™ is a resource designed for leaders who recognize the importance of developing growth mindset beliefs and practices in their school community. The LeaderKit is a collection of tools, resources, and strategies for use with all members of a school community.

The LeaderKit is a selection of tools, resources, and strategies that includes ideas for working with all levels of a school: students, staff, classrooms, and parents. 

The LeaderKit is appropriate for use at the school level by: 

  • Administrators
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Curriculum Developers
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Site Leaders

The LeaderKit is a 150 page printed book that includes:

  • Professional Development for the leader, including articles, reflective exercises, and more
  • Resources including language and observation tools, training materials, and learning activities for use with the entire school community
  • Digital resources including powerpoints, videos, online assessments, and growth mindset posters to engage with your entire school
Download a Sample of the LeaderKit

Resources in the LeaderKit are designed for flexible use, such as during Pre-Planning, whole group faculty meetings, or in small group PLC's. A two-year plan is included to guide your use of the resources throughout an entire school year and beyond. The LeaderKit is a great companion resource to our educator and student programs.


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