Brainology for Home is a blended learning curriculum that teaches children in grades 4-8 how to develop a growth mindset. The program includes online animated instructional units, as well as offline activities for parents to do with their children.

Online Program and

Downloadable Home Curriculum

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Based on the ground-breaking research of Drs. Carol Dweck and Lisa Blackwell, Brainology® is a blended learning curriculum designed to teach students the understanding that their intelligence and abilities are not fixed and can be developed through effort.

When students develop a growth mindset, they gain confidence in their ability to learn. They take on challenges and work hard to learn more and get smarter, and they are more resilient when they encounter difficulty, leading to higher achievement in school.

Brainology is a fun, interactive program that shows students how their brains – like their muscles – become stronger with effort and practice. With the help of animated characters Chris, Dahlia, and Dr. Cerebrus, students learn about how the brain functions and learns, along with healthy habits, study techniques, self-regulation strategies, and other essential non-cognitive skills that help them to become effective learners. Then they deepen their knowledge and apply it to their own experience through classroom lessons, housed in the Brainology Implementation Guides for educators.

Brainology® Program Introduction Video

Brainology is ideal for students in the 4th–9th grade. Both high- and low-performing students can benefit from Brainology as they encounter increasing challenge and uncertainty about their abilities in these critical years. The full curriculum is also available en Español.

The Brainology home license includes access to the online, animated course, which consists of a short introduction followed by four 30-40 minute units. Parents receive the Brainology for Home Parents Guide, a downloadable classroom curriculum modified for the home setting, which contains the offline activities, assistance with implementation, a background in the growth mindset, and more! In addition, parents can access student data to monitor their child’s progress in the program.

Download Parents Guide Sample

Implementation is flexible, and can accommodate a variety of learning situations. Parents are advised to teach between 2-4 lessons per week. Implementations may last anywhere from 5–10 weeks, depending on the frequency of instruction. The Implementation Guides and other resources will help you schedule your implementation.

Teachers: Brainology can also be implemented in a school setting. Please visit our Brainology for Schools page to learn more.

Online Brainology units are accessed via the Mindset Works website. An internet connection is all that's required, but Brainology is not compatible with all Chromebooks. Parent and teacher resources, including the Brainology Implementation Guides, are downloadable PDF files that may be accessed via our website. For more on the tech requirements of our programs, please visit our Tech Requirements Page.


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