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Brainology® Students' Progress Report

The students' progress report feature enables you to download all of your students’ entries and data into Excel at any time, along with visual representations of the results. Use this feature to get a clear sense of students’ progress, challenges and reflections so that you can best support them. 

To download the report, simply: log in --> click on ‘My Brainology’ -> ‘My Account’ -> ‘Download student data to excel’

The report includes eight sections 

1. legend 
2. student progress - how many students completed each unit. This information allows you to identify where students are in the program. Based on this data, you can decide which reinforcement activity is suitable for the entire class and when adjustments are needed.  


3. student challenges - what challenges your students indicated they have. Toward the beginning of the program, the students are prompted to capture their challenges. This tab shows you the main challenges your students reported as well as detailed information on what each individual student indicated. 


4. final post program feedback summary - shows what your students thought about Brainology

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5. pre-post survey charts - your students' mindset survey results, when comparing pre-program to post-program results. This information shows you how your students' views have change following Brainology. 


6. final feedback post-program - here you can see the feedback your students wrote on the program. The final post program feedback summary (#4) provides you with quantitative data, and this tab provides you with the qualitative data, so you can see all the comments your students have written with regard to the impression they have on Brainology, further thoughts and ideas for improvements.

7. feedback per section - shows your students' reflections and thoughts as they progressed through the program, including their reflections on what they learned.

8. raw data for pre-post charts - here you have the entire pre/post mindset data in case you want to see individual student responses.