Feedback from Parents

"We purchased "Brainology" as an addition to both our Biology and our Character/Life Skills homeschool program. My teen guys are getting a real kick out of the videos! The daily activities reinforce concepts, support and assist my guys in putting good skills into practice. "Brainology" is helping to boost their self-esteem and confidence, showing them that they can get smarter and learn anything they desire with ease."
 – Beth F., homeschooler

"Giving up quickly is a problem for my 9 year old. With processing issues she feels defeated in most learning environments. The Brainology program gave her a basic understanding of the brain and how to use it, strengthen it and build memory. My daughter looked forward to working on the program every week! I am sure we will go through it again. It is very simple and encourages the student to try! The Co-op price is as high as I would even think of paying for the program, but Im glad I did."
 – Claire M., homeschooler

"The ages of my children are 11, 13 and 15. We are just finishing the third week of the Brainology program and are delighted with its positive results thus far. Daily lessons are short enough to fit in our school day and are easy to implement. The program is short-running and the kids have maintained a high interest through all of the activities. Each child has gained a better understanding of how his brain works and how to increase its performance. I am pleased to see my children equipped with new techniques that encourage them to succeed and a new confidence while working on challenging tasks."
 – M. Huffman, homeschooler

"It is a nice little unit study on how you learn and can learn better. The kids enjoyed it and found the information useful. The 12 and 9 year old did very well with it, the 7 year old sat on my lap and soaked up vocabulary. I ordered it specifically for my dyslexic child so she would get a better idea of how to make best use of her wiring. Mission accomplished!"
 – Carrie, homeschooler

"I have a son who was angry all of the time whenever he was asked to do school work. He seemed to think that it was a personal affront to him to expect him to practice concepts, review or sometimes even learn in the first place. The Brainology program has helped us a great deal. My son understands how his brain grows and how he learns. He feels empowered to do what he needs to do to optimize his learning. Just the decrease in conflict alone was worth the money. The fact that he feels motivated to learn is the delicious gravy on top."
 – Cynthia W., homeschooler

Do you have any observations on the impact of the Brainology® program on your children? Do you think the lessons learned in the Brainology® Program will help them?

"N's school work this semester so far has been, on the whole, substantially better than in previous years. In particular, she is paying much better attention to the questions asked – she previously had major problems with tests that were essentially reading comprehension, because she just could not stop and read the question and then the facts. This year, she's got them! While I wouldn't attribute the entire change to Brainology, it's clear to me, my husband, and N. that Brainology has helped her substantially and improved her confidence that she can learn."
 – Jo Ann, Parent, France

"She learned that she’s not just smart – all those hours she spends studying really are helping her remember material. She now understands that “smart” is not just something she was born with – it’s something she’s been working on her whole life but didn’t know it."
 – Jennifer, Parent, New York, USA

Are you glad that you obtained the Brainology® program and had your students go through it? Why or why not?

"Definitely. for one thing, she believes the things you tell her when she hasn't believed me when i've been saying them for years (eg, say things out loud while writing them for languages/conjugations, etc, and concentrate on one thing at a time). She's found it fun, has been enthusiastic about doing it, talks about what's learned, asks questions about it, etc."
 – Jo Ann, Parent, France

"I’m thrilled! We sat together and did the program. We both learned a lot. And I see how it will help me with my other children too – reinforcing their need to be active learners and not just expect the information to get in their memories on its own."
 – Jennifer, Parent, New York, USA

"Sebastian absolutely loved the program! He couldn't wait to learn more about his brain and really wanted to continue when he had completed the program. He has been talking about how he knows how to use his brain now and calm himself down and learn things that might be difficult. He explained to me how to use "square breathing" to calm myself down. Sebastian learned a great deal and loved the process. He is only 7 years old, so I had to type in his e-journal as he dictated, other than that I did not have to help him. I think other 7 year olds would be capable of benefiting from brainology if they can read and a parent doesn't mind typing in the e-journal."
 – Valencia, Parent, Half Moon Bay, California, USA