Empowers students to develop a passion for learning & growth!

Brainology Español is designed to boost Spanish-speaking students' achievement across all subject areas. Similar to the English version of the program, it teaches students how the brain works and learns, along with research-based study skills, a combination that sparks their passion for learning and increases their motivation, efficacy and academic achievement. The Spanish version also teaches students strategies, skills and attitudes specific to learning English. 

Who can benefit?

Brainology Español can benefit Bilingual / EL / ESL students, or other students learning Spanish, with wide spectrums of English/Spanish levels.

How can I preview Brainology Español?

The entire curriculum, including both the online program and the offline classroom activities, are now available in Spanish, for access by Spanish-speaking students and their teachers. 
  • Already have a Brainology account? preview Brainology Español in four quick steps:
    • (1) Log In
    • (2) Go to "My Brainology"
    • (3) Click on "My Resources"
    • (4) Click on "If you'd like to launch the program in Spanish"...
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