The Brainology® Program: Introduction for Kids

Learn about the Brain in a fun way!

This is Chris:     and this is Dahlia:    

They will guide you through Brainology®. Together you'll go on quests, perform experiments and conquer challenges as you climb the mountain toward becoming a Brain Master!

Dr. Cerebrus will help you along the way, teaching you all about your brain and how to make it stronger so you can become smarter and do better at anything you choose!

Brainology® has a short introduction and four levels that will each take 30-45 minutes. In each unit, you'll learn some fun stuff through experiments and quests, then test your knowledge tackling challenges from the brain orb. By the time you reach the top of the mountain, you'll also pick up some useful tips for studying and excelling at school and in life. When you reach the final unit, you'll become a certified Brain Master!

What's next?

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