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Q. What is Brainology for?

A. The Brainology® program teaches the growth mindset - the view of intelligence as malleable.  Students come to see effort as a positive quality needed for anyone to achieve his or her full potential.  They come to understand how to approach studying and learning in ways that make their brains smarter.  They learn how to approach success and learn from failure.


Q. How do I get started with Brainology? 

A. To enable your students/kids to get started, you need to set up student accounts. After you/the school purchase the number of student licenses needed, we will send you the instructions to set up the students account(s) (it is very easy to set up the student accounts!). If the purchase was made via credit card, you can start immediately. If purchasing via PO, check or order form, you will be fully enabled and receive email instructions within 72 business hours of our receipt of the order. Purchasing options can be reviewed on the Purchase Instructions page.

Q. How is Brainology implemented? 

A. Implementation time and schedule are flexible, but we recommend spacing the online lessons at least one week apart and scheduling 45-60 minutes of additional class activities between each online lesson.  Therefore, the recommended classroom time to allow for your Brainology implementation is 2-4 hours per week for 5-16 weeks. The total time for the program will be between 15-20 hours. You can view a sample 10 week implementation schedule in our Get Ready! guide, and a blank planning calendar in our Get Set! guide.  (After you register for a free trial, the curriculum guides can be accessed through My Brainology -> My Resources).


Q. How much does Brainology cost?

A. Brainology price depends on the number of students taking the program, the more students the lower the price! You can view the pricing options at the Pricing page.


Q. How do I order Brainology? 

A. See How do I order Brainology?


Q. What is the appropriate age range for the Brainology program?

A. Brainology® is most successfully implemented in 5th through 9th grade classrooms. Students in higher and lower grades have used the program successfully, but it depends on the students’ level of maturity and their openness to the content. 


Q. Do you have recommendations on how to implement in high school?

A. Yes. Lots of high schools implement Brainology®. If you’re implementing with high school students, the High School Supplement has recommendations for working with that age group. (it can also be found on the My Brainology > My Resources tab (under the Implementation Guide) once you log in.) 


Q. Is Brainology appropriate for use at home?

A. Yes. Hundreds of families use Brainology at home. The online portion of the program is self-guided and can be used by students on the computer. Families homeschooling or where adults are interested in participating can also use the offline lesson plans and activities in the Implementation Guide (under My Brainology -> My Resources) to supplement the online sessions. The price for Brainology is $79 for one student and $59 for subsequent students.


Q. Is Brainology appropriate for children with learning differences?

A. The program is designed to benefit all children (since a growth mindset benefits all human beings).  Lots of teachers, therapists and learning disability centers have used the program specifically with children with various learning disabilities with success, as have programs for high achieving students and many mainstream classrooms and whole grades.  Regarding special needs, in 2008, CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) gave Brainology the Innovative program of the year award.


Q. Is this also for high achieving and/or gifted students?

A. The Brainology® program is designed to benefit all students, and is being used in several gifted programs. What the program does is help a student cultivate a growth mindset. Many high performing students have fixed mindset tendencies that can lead to withdrawal from school, certain subjects, and even learning in general; this is particularly so, when students are faced with challenges that require more effort.


Q. Are the Growth Mindset products available in my country?

A. Yes, our products are available anywhere in the world.  They are accessed entirely online (guides and other offline items can downloaded for use offline as well).


Q. In what languages are the Growth Mindset products available?

A. Both Brainology® and MindsetMaker™ are available in English. And, Brainology is now available in Spanish! You can enable it at the top of the 'My Brainology'->My Resources' page.

We do have plans to release our products in other languages in the future, but these won’t be ready for some time. If you are interested in purchasing one of our products when a translated version becomes available, please contact us, and we’ll reach out to you when a translated version is ready.


Q. What are the technical requirements?

A. Technical requirements are minimal. MindsetMaker™ and Brainology® program require access to a computer with an Internet connection and either headphones or speakers, so that users can listen to audio content. Our website and products are compatible with all Internet browsers. You will also need these free plug-ins that are already installed in most computers:

  • The Adobe Flash Player plug-in version 8 or higher (which is freely available from the  Adobe website and already installed in 98% of computers).
  • The Adobe Reader plug-in or the Preview application (Mac) to view PDF documents. (if PDFs are not loading for you, please update Adobe Reader to the latest version)

Our products do not use popup windows.  A broadband Internet connection is preferred but the programs will also work with a slow Internet connection after a few minutes of preloading.

For more details on technology requirements, see our technology requirements page.


Q. Are there Internet(less) versions of the Brainology® program, MindsetMaker™, or other materials for use that don't require computers?

A. Unfortunately, both the Brainology program MindsetMaker™ are not available in offline versions. Brainology relies on information from the server in order to run. This allows the students to log into the program anytime from anywhere (school, home, library, etc.) to revisit any information, redo any sections, and it also allows educators the ability to view the entries that their students make regarding self-conceptions, attitudes, reflections and general usage of the program.


Q. Do user accounts expire?

A. Yes, users have six months to access their account. Within those six months, users can redo the entire Brainology program or MindsetMaker™, revisit any of the sections and reuse any and all of the tools. Please contact us if you have special circumstances or your own approach to implementing a growth mindset requiring user access for longer than six months.


Q. Can licenses be reused/recycled?  Is it one-time per student?

A. MindsetMaker™ and Brainology® program are available on a per user basis.  One license allows registration for a single user and cannot be reused by a different user. 


Q. Any plans to develop a toolkit for parents? 

A. Yes! We will have parent resources as part of the SchoolKit, including presentation tools and handouts. Parents, like teachers and peers, are critical in cultivating children’s mindsets. We aim to enable a culture in which everyone is equipped with the skills and tools to support the development of a growth mindset in children.

Q. How do I create/find my private school forum?

A. If you have purchased a group or site license for the MindsetMaker™, a private forum within the Mindsets & Motivation course is already created—nothing you need to do to set it up.After entering the Mindsets & Motivation course, click on any of the course modules on the row of tabs at the top. Within each module page, scroll down through the activities and you will see one or more labeled Discussion Forum (generally right below the video). If your teachers have enrolled in the course using your school enrollment key, when they click on this link they will automatically go to your school’s forum space. Any posts they make there will be visible only to other members of the school community and the course moderators.


Q. How much does the SchoolKit cost?

A. Checkout our Pricing Page or Contact us to get a quote.


Q. What's the difference between MindsetMaker™ and the SchoolKit?

MindsetMaker™ is a suite of resources designed to provide educators with the growth mindset knowledge and tools to help them support their students’ learning and success. Our SchoolKit is a discounted site license that contains both MindsetMaker™ resources and our award-winning student curriculum, Brainology, to help cultivate a growth mindset school culture.


Q. Can I buy the SchoolKit for my class?

A. Yes. The SchoolKit is a combination of MindsetMaker™ and the student program, Brainology. You can purchase student and educator access on a per license basis. See our Pricing Page or contact us to get a quote.


Q. What are some ways to introduce the growth mindset to my principal, superintendent or to other educators?

A. If you'd like to make a presentation or share our products with your colleagues, we can help. Click here or contact us to access PowerPoint presentations, research studies, teacher guides, flyers, and other materials to help you get your colleagues onboard. Contact us if you need any other materials or if we can be of any help.  Additionally, many schools find it helpful to assign the book Mindset to the staff, and we also have a Guided Educator Training presentation that educators have used as PD materials.

Q. Do you have representatives available to speak to PTA? 

A. When schedules permit, we do sometimes accept webinar or speaking engagement invitations. If you are interested in a speaking or group webinar event, please contact us with the details regarding the event (e.g., event name, number of attendees, audience profile, etc.).

Q. How is MindsetMaker™ accessed? 

A. Everything is accessed online! So you can view the professional development multimedia courses, use the interactive tools and resources, or socialize on the growth mindset online community at your leisure – all you need is a computer and internet access!

Q. How do I purchase MindsetMaker™? 

A. The MindsetMaker™ costs $60 per teacher being trained, or $1,500 per site.  If you want to purchase online via credit card, order here and we will email you access instructions. Otherwise please email or fax us this order form with or without a PO and we will email you access instructions.

Q. How is the MindsetMaker™ implemented? 

A. MindsetMaker™ online components take a total of 6 to 10 hours total (depending on level of engagement). It can be done in short (20-30 min.) sessions or in longer sessions, and it can be done by individual teachers or by teams of teachers looking to align on everyday teaching & learning practices that foster a growth mindset. It’s recommended not to try to do it all in one day. Ideally, you’d do a unit a week and put what you learn into practice in-between. See MindsetMaker™ implementation guide for site leaders with a sample timeline.

Q. How do I reset my password?

A. You can reset your password by following the instructions here, then changing your password to one of your choosing (after logging in).

Q. How do I reset my students' passwords?

A. Here are the steps for reseting student passwords: Log in to your educator account on our website (href="">here) -> Click "My Brainology" -> Click "My Account" -> Click "View my students, change their passwords or view student usage data" -> Click "Change Password" (in the row of the student whose password you would like to change) -> Replace the asterisk * with the new password -> Click "Update"

Q. How do I look up my students' username?

A. Here are the steps for looking up a student's username: Log in to your educator account on our website (href="">here) -> Click "My Brainology" -> Click "My Account" -> Click "View my students, change their passwords or view student usage data" -> find the row of the student whose username you were looking

Q. Why doesn't my question appear here?

A. We only listed the most common questions. If your question has not been answered, please contact us or call us at (1-888-344-6463). We are here to answer all your questions!

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