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Over 50,000 students have used Brainology®! You can view a demo at The Program page. Below you can see and hear what the experience is like from the perspective of just some of the students, teachers and principals:

Video Interviews

Marnie Steele, a middle school teacher from Longmont, CO

Amy Schwerdtfeger, a middle school teacher from Watsonville, CA 

Student perspectives on Brainology and Mindset


Joan Young, an elementary school teacher from Menlo Park, CA

Emily Diehl, an instructional coach from Sacramento, CA

Educator compilation


Success Stories

Karen Green, from Lyons Hall Primary School in Essex, England, shares her experience, tips and classroom activities to teach the growth mindset

"I’m a primary school teacher at Lyons Hall Primary School, where I teach sixth grade students. We had introduced the growth mindset in school, so students were already familiar with the language of it.  For instance, they already understood the importance of resilience, determination and perseverance, which, in their own words sounded like: “keep trying,” “do your best,” and “never give up.” Before shifting to a senior school, we wanted to make sure that the 6th graders had a deeper understanding of themselves as learners, so they could build their own autonomy to change and gain confidence in their academic abilities."

Jennifer Maichin, from Mineola Middle School, NY, shares her experience, tips and classroom activities to introduce students to the growth mindset

"After immersing myself and my class in Dr. Dweck’s research, we later found the program, created in her lab to teach students a growth mindset. The students quickly became "friends" with Chris and Dahlia, and were immediately able to attach their new knowledge of how their brains work to their application of the growth mindset. The Brainology program gave us the concrete images and knowledge they needed to solidify their new understanding of themselves as learners."

Case Study: Shifting Students' Mindset with Brainology - Marnie Steele, Teacher at Trail Ridge Middle School, in Longmont, CO

According to Marnie, doing Brainology was worthwhile. The kids were excited to participate in the classes and reported being glad that they used the program.  Marnie was impressed by how much more positive her kids’ attitudes became towards learning, and reported that Brainology had totally changed their mindsets towards school.  The kids now believe not only in their abilities but in the likelihood that they will succeed if they put in time and effort.

Jill Balzer, Principal at Charles Patterson Middle School in Killeen, TX, on how Mindset transformed their school culture

"The last thing that we did was purchase the program for our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade gifted students. The program really helped our students and staff to have a common language. By going through the modules, our students were able to understand how their brain works, and how they could increase their success with study skills. After completing the modules, one 8th grade boy made the A/B honor roll for the first time since 3rd grade. When I asked him what the difference was, he said that now he understood that learning was not always going to come easy to him and that didn’t mean he was stupid, it just meant he needed to work harder on that subject. In addition, our teachers commented on how their students who would usually give up were staying more engaged through the learning process and were having the understanding that continuing to persist did make a difference."

Lorraine Davies, from Mindset Mastery, AU, shares her growth mindset experience and tips

"My experience with the program has had so many highlights. There was the student who, in spite of having been previously expelled from school, refused her father’s many attempts to bribe her to return to school only to later enroll herself in her final   year of studies, earning a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) required to pursue further studies in brain science. There was the student whose horribly twisted teeth had been the cause of much bullying  and absenteeism, yet through the influence of Mindset, never missed a day. For me, the greatest highlight was actually the year-end presentations made by students, who each wanted their guests to  hear about what they had learned: that nobody is born clever, that  cleverness comes as a result of making mistakes, and that putting in effort is not supposed to be easy!"

Emily Diehl, from Florin High-School, Sacramento, CA on her experience applying the Mindset theory

"It [Brainology] worked even better than we had dreamed it would.  When we read what the students wrote on their final reflections, it made us cry.  They said things like, “I am a nicer person now.”  “I try to eat nuts and eggs every day. “  “I watch less TV.”  “I go to bed earlier to get my 8-9 hours of sleep.”  These are the lowest performing 9th and 10th graders at a school that was 80% Free and Reduced lunch (high poverty).  Our test scores on the CST (California Standards Test) rose 32 points for that group of students.  The school saw a 6 point improvement the same year  (not including my students).  The students we included in were part of an SLC housed at a Comprehensive High School.  In past years, when the students in the program hit Senior year, there were 2-3 of them left who actually graduated from the High School. It was extremely discouraging to the teachers to begin with about 80 9th graders and have 3 graduate.  This year, of the fifty 10th graders who first did Brainology we have 21 graduates from our High School."


"The brainology program was very useful because it taught me a lot about my brain and how it works so that i now can apply that knowledge to my academic education." 
 – Sarah, 6th grade 

"The program was fun. I've learned new things in a funny way. All those things will help me in all kinds of thinking, like learning for school or playing chess in weekend." 
 – Marcella, 4th grade 

"I thought the Brainology program was fun and interesting, and had subjects kids could relate to. I've found ways to remember what I've learned in school and what to do in order to help my brain function and learn WAY better! think Brainology will help me a lot in school" 
 – Marian, 6th grade 

"Sebastian absolutely loved the program! He couldn't wait to learn more about his brain and really wanted to continue when he had completed the program. He has been talking about how he knows how to use his brain now and calm himself down and learn things that might be difficult. He explained to me how to use "square breathing" to calm myself down. Sebastian learned a great deal and loved the process. He is only 7 years old, so I had to type in his e-journal as he dictated, other than that I did not have to help him. I think other 7 year olds would be capable of benefiting from brainology if they can read and a parent doesn't mind typing in the e-journal." 
 – Valencia, Parent, Half Moon Bay, California, USA 

“We had no idea that it could have such a powerful impact. It may be that these most important discoveries about the human brain will revolutionize the way we think about motivating students and empowering educators.” 
– Bill Morones, Principal, Florin High School

"For the past several years, we have been teaching our students about the brain at the beginning of the year for the purpose of empowerment. However, the delivery of similar (yet more in-depth) information through Brainology is straight-forward, informative, and appealing to kids. I think the plan to have them go through each level and then discuss it as a class is a good one. That way the lessons are reinforced through another channel." 
 – Sue, 8th & 9th grade teacher, Minnesota, USA 

"I really do think that it made them consider their own roles in their success, as well as how to improve their success. It allowed students to be proactive about their learning. They could point to what they did try and what they didn't as they sorted through how they learned, and what worked for them. They tried new study skills and explained why the skills worked or didn't in terms of the vocabulary introduced... It really helped us grow in our understanding of the students' challenges as well as our own development." 
 – Suzanne, High School Math Teacher, California, USA 

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