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Provide teachers with knowledge & tools to embrace a growth mindset and support it in the classroom!

Professional Development

MindsetMaker™ is a suite of resources developed to provide teachers and administrators with the growth mindset knowledge and tools to help them support their students’ learning and success.  The core training is comprised of five online modules that include assessments, videos, discussion protocols, tools and activities that help staff teams and individual teachers implement mindset practice. View the Introductory Video below. 

Introductory Module

Why use MindsetMaker™?

Recent results from a pilot test showed that teachers who used the professional development resources had an increased sense of self-efficacy as teachers and reported using more growth mindset classroom practices after the training.

Why use MindsetMaker™?

"The enthusiasm and energy in the room following the group watching the first two modules was incredible. ‘Thought provoking’, ‘challenging’ and ‘stimulating’ were words bouncing around the room. The teachers felt that assessing their pupils mindset, deploying mindset strategies including focusing on progress rather than achievement and promoting challenge that could lead to failure would help propel their pupils in their attainment, access and aspirations." 

- Suzie Richards, Leadership Development Officer at Teach First

What does MindsetMaker™ contain?

MindsetMaker™ contains three main components:

  1. Professional Development - “Mindsets & Motivation” online professional development course for educators: The professional development is an online multimedia course for educators to learn about the growth mindset and how to put it to practice. It includes 5 brief (approx. 15-minute) video modules that introduce teachers to relevant findings from psychology and neuroscience. Teachers explore applications of mindset theory to classroom practice, with specific growth-mindset instructional strategies.
  2. Educator Toolkit: To support continued growth, educators can find interactive tools and resources to support their own process of adopting and implementing a growth mindset over time in their classroom and school. The Toolkit includes online tools for educators to plan, assess and learn about their own mindset-related beliefs and practices at the individual, classroom, and school level, and activities for students to practice and monitor their use of growth mindset strategies, including real-time data reporting.
  3. Growth Mindset Online Community: As members of the Online Community, educators can collaborate with colleagues near and far who are learning and pursuing growth mindset-based practices. This community connects a network of informed educators to help develop and disseminate knowledge about implementing the growth mindset in schools. It includes private and public topical discussion forums and groups to foster innovation in practice where teachers can pose questions and share experiences, ideas, tools and resources with their peers, and a blog with content contributed by experts and practitioners.

What do the PD modules cover?

Five online modules introduce educators to key research in education, psychology, and neuroscience:

How should educators distribute PD module viewings?

It is recommended for educators to watch 1-2 modules per week, as this allows them sufficient time to learn and reflect on the material and to discuss it within the online community. However, the PD can be customized to fit other configurations, depending on schedule and preference.

For more details see the MindsetMaker™ Implementation Guide.

How long does a typical MindsetMaker™ implementation last?

Implementation is flexible. A minimum of about 4-6 hours of focused time is required to complete the activities, ideally spread over a span of 5-15 weeks, depending on school preference and schedule. The breakdown of individual Professional Development components is as follows:

  • PD modules & resources: 1.5-3 hours total.
  • Online Community discussion: 2-4+ hours for initial course implementation; available ongoing for school-based projects and engagement with the world wide community of educators.
  • Toolkits: Can be used ongoing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to organize and monitor progress.

It is strongly recommended that administrators/site leaders spend some time planning the implementation and manage PD activities and progress (including the Online Community discussion), and for teachers to spend some time planning application activities for the classroom (drawing from activities provided in the Implementation guide).

For more details see the Mindset Works® MindsetMaker™ Implementation Guide.

Is the PD completed individually or in a group setting?

Each teacher will be able to create their own account and will have access to the PD course with any internet connection, allowing them the flexibility to complete it on their own from work or home. It is also possible, however, to watch the PD in a group setting with use of a computer projector and speakers.

How many teachers/administrators should participate?

MindsetMaker™ is intended to provide teachers and administrators with the tools and knowledge to help them support their students’ learning through both individual and social learning methods, including the sharing of reflections, tips, and expertise with fellow colleagues. Thus, MindsetMaker™ is ideal for whole school or whole grade participation. However, it is also possible to implement MindsetMaker™ with smaller groups.

For more details see the MindsetMaker™ Implementation Guide.

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