Users of Mindset Works® products can have confidence that the concepts on which the products are based have been rigorously tested in scientific studies. Twenty years of research have consistently shown that students who have a growth mindset do better in school. Moreover, the research demonstrates that teaching students a growth mindset raises motivation and achievement. To read more about the research, visit The Science page.

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Mindset School

1. Mindset Works®SchoolKit                       (EducatorKit + Brainology®)

An all-inclusive offering to instill a growth mindset in schools, backed by the U.S. Department of Education. The SchoolKit includes:

  • Mindset Works® EducatorKit - online teacher professional development and tools Mindset
  • Mindset Works® StudentKit - Brainology® blended learning curriculum

2. Mindset Works® StudentKit - Brainology®

The Brainology program includes:


  • an online, interactive program that teaches the scientific basis of a growth mindset. It teaches students:
    • how the brain works and how it grows stronger with active effort.
    • learning strategies to develop their intellectual capabilities, and why those strategies work based on the way the brain learns.
  • classroom lessons and activities to reinforce and apply this learning.

3. Mindset Works® EducatorKit

Professional Development

The Mindset Works® EducatorKit includes:

  • an online professional development course designed to help educators learn about the growth mindset and how to incorporate it into their everyday practice.
  • tools for educators to support their own process of adopting and implementing growth mindset practices over time.

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4. Live Professional Learning

Live PL

We are able to attend a limited number of events each month.  If our capacity allows, the following services may be offered:

  • Webinars
  • Keynotes
  • Break-out sessions
  • Full-day and half-day workshops   

5. Growth Mindset Community

Professional Development

The online community connects a network of informed educators to help develop and disseminate knowledge about implementing the growth mindset in schools. It includes private and public topical groups to foster innovation in practice.

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Overview of our Offerings


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