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The growth mindset, the understanding of intelligence and abilities as qualities we can develop, has been shown over and over to have powerful ramifications on student motivation and learning, and school success. When teachers and students focus on improvement rather than on whether they're smart, kids learn a lot more. Learn More >>

"Seeing Carol Dweck - Growth Mindset as
a key to closing the achievement gap."
- Jeff Raikes, CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

What Teachers & Students Say


Joe Giamportone, Assistant Principal, Lenox Academy, Brooklyn, NY
“In reviewing student responses we were pleased to see that all students were using the language of the Brainology curriculum.... Teachers themselves were very candid in self reflection, admitting that they, too, had moved toward developing a growth mindset this year." Read More >>

Jane Foltz, a resource teacher at Dartmouth Middle School in San Jose, CA
“Brainology opened them up to the possibility that working hard was worth it. Many of them who had adopted a “fixed” learning style because of years of struggle and failure started to dig in and believe that they can do it. It’s not just an idea but something I’m actually seeing." Read More >>

Jill Balzer, Principal at Charles Patterson Middle School in Killeen, TX, on how Mindset transformed their school culture
"Charles Patterson Middle School is located in Killeen, Texas which is also home to one of the largest military institutions in the world, Fort Hood. Our student population is diverse; 44% are Active Military, 40% are economically disadvantaged..." Read More >>

Karen Green, from Lyons Hall Primary School in Essex, England, shares her experience, tips and classroom activities to teach the growth mindset
"I’m a primary school teacher at Lyons Hall Primary School, where I teach sixth grade students. We had introduced the growth mindset in school..." Read More >>

Marnie Steele, Teacher at Trail Ridge Middle School, in Longmont, CO
“Brainology teaches kids to take ownership of their learning experience by being the one doing the work… it teaches them that doing work is a really positive thing because it’s going to help them to become smarter." Read More >>

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We're proud to have the US Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences as one of our funding partners through their SBIR program.

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